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Petition to
Mendip District Council

Addressing concerns of health of residents surrounding Somerset Shooting Ground

Somerset Shooting Ground lies within Pilton Parish close on the border of East Pennard Parish. Residents of both parishes experience high noise levels from the 28 annual Shooting Ground fixtures that are held during the week and at weekends.

This petition requests that:
[Note numbers refer to CIEH 2003 Clay Target Shooting: Guidance on the Control of Noise sections)

  • Both Pilton and East Pennard Parishes are informed of fixtures

  • 4.2 That championship events held are within the guidelines, ie residents are fully consulted and agree to events

  • That Mendip District Council regularly monitor and act upon noise levels that are above 55 dB(A)

  • 4.1 That prominent signage is reviewed and updated / placed where necessary

  • 4.2 Confirm that a buffer zone, 1.5km in direction of shooting and 1km rearward, has been implemented

  • 4.2 Implement requirement to discuss and agree with residents within 1km of direction of shooting

  • 4.3 To have sight of the Shooting Ground assessment of likely sound propagation

  • 4.4 Demonstrate actions to minimise impact on noise sensitive premises

  • 4.5 Demonstrate actions taken to take into consideration neighbouring domestic and wild animals

  • 4.6 Apply special restrictions given wind directions and strengths

  • 5.1 Shooting Ground be required to comply with distribution of site information sheet

  • 5.3 Undertake consultation with regards to restriction of operation times

  • 5.3 Note that a fixture went ahead during the official mourning period for HM Queen Elizabeth II

  • 5.8 To have sight of the SSG severe weather protocol leading to fixture cancellation

  • That Mendip District Council note that the ground has residential properties well within the 1km guidelines and take action accordingly

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