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Pilton Parish Map

Pilton is an English village in Somerset about 6 miles east of Glastonbury and 20 miles south of the City of Bath. Pilton allegedly takes its name from Pool Town, from the times when the Somerset Levels were flooded. The legend is that Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus’ uncle, landed at Pilton when he traded locally, buying minerals such as lead and copper which was mined on the Mendips.

Pilton is also known as the location for Glastonbury Festival, which is held in the parish on the last full weekend of June.

The parish consists of Pilton, East and West Compton, Upper and Lower Westholme, East Town, Steanbow and other outlying properties.

The council serves an electorate of 1,115 (as at July 2022), consisting of a total estimated population of 1,121 (rounded 2011 Census) in about 342 households (Settlement Audit, Mendip District Council, November 2022).

There are two levels of local Government pertaining to Pilton: Unitary Authority - Somerset Council and Pilton Parish Council. 

Pilton Parish Council is a democratically elected body of councillors. A local rate, the precept, is set annually in January, by the Parish Council, and is then levied and collected by Somerset Council as part of the council tax. The Parish Council plays an important role in the local community and is a vital link to Somerset Council and other agencies on local issues.


The Council assets and services include:

  • War memorial

  • Bus Shelter

  • Burial Ground

  • Village notice boards

  • Gabriel’s Orchard

  • Playing Fields*

  • Village Hall*

  • Mower& Strimmer

  • PC, printer, laptop, bag and camera


*Pilton Parish Council is Custodian Trustee, whilst day-to-day operation and responsibility rests with the relevant Trustee group. A new Master Trust Deed is being updated along with possible election of new Trustees for the Playing Fields. 

Further updates will be provided once the detail is finalised.

The Parish Council does NOT:

  • Have responsibility for highways, (apart for reporting defects)  litter and dog waste bins or housing issues. These are dealt with by Somerset Council.

  • Act as the planning authority, although council is consulted on each application which is submitted, and on the drawing up of the Local Plan. Somerset Council is the Planning Authority. Applications can be found here, where you can search using the reference number, if known, or the address.


Links to report issues to these authorities or find a home can be found here.

Pilton Parish Map
Pilton Platinum Jubilee
Village Wassail
Scarecrow Competition for Pilton Village Day
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