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Joe King, Chair of Pilton Parish Council


Joe King

I have lived in the village for 45 years. My wife and I have brought up our two children here, and our six grandchildren now attend local schools.

I have been an active Parish Councillor for seven years, and now serve as Chair of the Parish Council and Chair of the Burial Ground sub-committee.

I am involved with a number of village organisations including Pilton Speedwatch, Gabriel's Community Orchard, and Pilton Bellringers. I am also an enthusiastic beekeeper.

I look forward to the opportunities that the next five year term provides to serve the village.

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Pilton Parish Council Vice Chair, Kelly Sumner

Vice Chair

Kelly Sumner

Myself, my wife and our two daughters moved to the village in the Summer of 2006. This is my second term serving on the parish council, I have also been Chair of PWMC and I am currently Vice Chair of the Trust for Pilton Village Hall and Pilton Playing Fields. Apart from vice chair, I am also on the footpaths group and responsible for overseeing the council's new website.


My working life was mainly in the games Industry and I was fortunate to be CEO of 2 NASDQ listed companies and spent 6 years based in USA.


I look forward to serving you for the next 5 years and hopefully beyond.

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Gill Pettitt

I have lived in Somerset since 2015. Love it here; a remarkable county with its own quirky character and where each town and village makes its mark and has clear identity.

I have a daughter, in Bali, and granddaughter thankfully closer by, in Bristol. I started clerking for local councils in November 2020, (it is a 1:3 learning curve but I’m getting there!) and have been councillor with St Cuthbert (Out) Parish Council since 2019. The other councils I currently work with are Buckland Dinham, Croscombe and Priddy.

Though only temporary clerk at present, I have enjoyed getting to know the council, the village and its concerns and hope that I can offer support that works well for you.

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Pilton Parish Councillor and RFO, Richard Woodhouse


Richard Woodhouse

We moved to West Compton in July 2019 leaving our 3 adult children in London, after a 35 year career in Financial Services.
I have tried to integrate into my new local community through joining local groups, and ensuring that I can contribute wherever possible. I have become a member of the local Beekeepers Association, The Pilton Players (where I am also Treasurer), The History Group and more recently have become a member of the Mid-Somerset Agricultural Show Committee and the Pilton Flower Show Committee. I am also a Trustee of Pilton Village Hall and Pilton Playing Fields.

As a Parish Councillor, I am currently your Responsible Financial Officer and will be a member of the Burial Ground working group.
I hope to serve the community over the next 5 years by listening to villagers and raising their concerns and issues. I believe I can add real value to Council operations and debate through my background in Finance and Business generally.

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Lynda Allen


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Pilton Parish Councillor, Nick Hall


Nick Hall

I have lived in Pilton with my wife and three children since 2005. I was born and bred in
Hampshire and then trained as an Engineer, moving away to various locations including Scotland. Over the last few years, I have worked from home on various projects including a small holiday let business. 

This is my first time as a Parish Councillor, and I am keen to serve the whole of our extensive Parish in a fair way. I am looking forward to learning and contributing to all parts of the role.

One new aspect that I am keen to lead on is to build a constructive relationship for Pilton with the Unitary Council and the Local Community Networks (LCNs).

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Pilton Parish Councillor, Tom Hollings


Tom Hollings

5th generation Somerset resident, Tom went to school in Wells before spending time living in London and Bristol pursuing his career as a film & TV producer. Now making wildlife documentaries, he brings a keen interest in ecology and conservation matters to the parish council.


Tom has volunteered for the footpath sub-committee, and to support the RFO by auditing the parish accounts ledger.


He lives in Pilton with his wife and two children.

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Pilton Parish Councillor, Terry Moulder


Terry Moulder

I am Somerset born and bred, and moved to Pilton some 30 years ago from Shepton Mallet. 

This is my first time serving as a Parish Councillor but I have always taken a keen interest in the Pilton village community. 

Over the years I have worked with numerous groups. I am currently Chair of the Trust for Pilton Village Hall and Pilton Playing Fields.

With my partner, Audrey, we jointly ran the Youth Club for 5 years and for over 20 years we ran the bar over Pilton weekend where all profits are funneled into village groups. 

I look forward to increasing my service to the Village with my appointment as one of your Councillors .

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Pilton Parish Councillor, Roger Noble


Roger Noble

I have lived in Pilton for nearly 30 years working as a self employed gardener and have served as a parish councillor for more than 25 of those years, 3 terms of office as vice chairman.

I am interested in conservation and as a member of the burial committee I intend to see that the burial ground is always well presented.

My hopes for Pilton are to see road improvements, and a cleaner safe place making it a village to be proud of.


I look forward to serving the parish for my next term of office.

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Pilton Parish Councillor, Owain Powell


Owain Powell

Pilton village has been home to me, my partner and our two young children for the for the past 12 years.

I have been working in catering and hospitality for 20 years and been heavily involved with local events and festivals. 

During Covid, we set up a village to village mobile fish and chip van. This has really been a catalyst for becoming more involved in village life.

We have now taken on the the local pub, The Crown Inn, and are keen to create a lively hub within the Pilton community.

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