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Somerset Elections 2022 were held on 5 May 2022. Councillors were elected to both Parish Councils and Somerset Council, (currently Somerset County Council). Somerset Council will be vested on 1 April 2023. On that date the District Councils will be disbanded. Until then, District and Somerset Councillors will be working to implement the change to Unitary.

Pilton lies in Menidp South Division of Somerset County Council, which has two seats. Elected 5 May 2022 were:

  • Claire Sully

  • Alex Wiltshire

Pilton Parish Council has nine seats. Elected 5 May 2022 were:

  • Joe King - Chair

  • Kelly Sumner - Vice Chair

  • Lynda Allen

  • Nick Hall

  • Tom Hollings

  • Terry Moulder

  • Roger Noble

  • Owain Powell

  • Richard Woodhouse

Full results of the Elections can be found here.


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