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Pilton Parish Speed Reduction

Following overwhelming support for speed limit reductions throughout the Parish and Pilton Parish Council's application, Somerset Council has produced the attached speed limit reduction plan, which is very close to that which we requested.

TRO Speed Reduction Funding Offer
Download PDF • 122KB

Somerset are working to strict criteria, based on average traffic speed and conditions on any given road, so for example, where 20mph was requested outside the Bush Nursery, 30mph has been approved. Additionally, where East Compton residents requested a 40mph limit going through their hamlet, 50mph has been approved by Somerset.

We will continue to seek to reduce problem areas of excessive speeding where possible, but I see this plan as a massive win.

PPC continues to consult with our Parishioners on this plan, so please do let me know your thoughts by phone 07962676934 or email This plan will be on the agenda for discussion and resolution at our Council meeting at 7pm on Weds Feb 7th, which members of the public are welcome to attend as always.


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