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Pilton Traffic Speed Consultation

Dear residents,

A number of traffic accidents, collisions and near misses has led to growing concerns about road safety in the village, particularly where speeding cars and pedestrians, children, cyclists and horse riders come into close proximity, both on the busy A361, as well as the narrow lanes in the village which lack pavements.

In response to increasing requests for PPC to act to reduce the speed of traffic, the Council has resolved to apply for a community consultation and feasibility study in partnership with Somerset Council. The first stage of this is an informal consultation with residents to gauge support for the concept of a traffic speed reduction scheme and the extent to which it may or may not be implemented in the village.

It should be noted that following the feasibility study, there is no commitment to proceed with any one scheme or another, whether a change in speed limit or 'zone', or any particular traffic calming measures. Our options will emerge from the consultation and be put back to residents for further feedback and consideration at Full Council, before deciding whether to proceed with any given scheme, or not at all.

With this particular application there are certain conditions and criteria defining which roads and areas may be considered for inclusion, most notably roads which already have a 30mph limit, reducing to 20mph. We are conscious that there is an ongoing project by residents in East Compton, which aims to reduce the speed limit of the A361 between Pilton and Cannard's Grave. As this is an 'A' road, currently operating at the national speed limit, it's unlikely to be considered in this applicatation, but we will certainly include a cross-section of comments, concerns and requests about that section of road in the data package we provide Somerset Council.

As a starting point for discussion, the Traffic Working Group has produced a map showing a preliminary Draft Option indicating the extent to which a scheme may work within the village. As part of the application process we need to suggest an initial extent for the scheme as a starting point for discussion hence the map/plan attached. This is by no means a set plan, and is open to change and will evolve during the consultation process.

At this stage we would like to hear from Pilton Parish Residents only please, on the following questions;

1. In principle you are in favour or against the concept (idea) of increasing road-safety via some sort of traffic speed-reduction scheme?

(Yes/No answers only please.)

2. Feedback and comments on the extent to which you'd like to see it implemented (or not) in the different areas of the village, marked as blue, yellow, red and yellow on the map.

(Observations and Comments please)

Please either reply to this post, or send comments and suggestions marked "Speed-limit reduction consultation" to the Chair of the Traffic Working Group, Cllr. Tom Hollings -


- The plan has been split for ease of use

- Red south of the A361

- Yellow A361

- Blue north of A361

- Criteria – existing Rd must be 30mph already to reduce to 20mph; start points need to be averaging 24 miles an hour already; 30mph section of Rd is required prior to a 20mph limit; A361 needs to be a reduced speed section already or will be refused!


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