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Looks like Carnival's coming! Temporary Prohibition of Vehicles

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

  • 14 Nov 21:00 - 15 Nov 6:00 - A37 Whitstone Road from junction A361 Charlton Road, southerly to Cannards Grave Roundabout. Entrance Access only.

  • 14 Nov 21:00 - 16 Nov 24:00 - A371 Cannards Grave Road from Mendip Council Offices entrance southerly to Cannards Grave Roundabout. From the junction with the A371 Cannards Grave Road southerly to Highwayman Inn.

  • 16 Nov 18:00 - 16 Nov 24:00 - A361 Charlton Road; A361 Commercial Road; Compton Road; Frithfield Lane; Station Road; Great Ostry; High Street; A371 Old Market Road; Park Road - Shepton Mallet. From junction with Rectory Road easterly to junction with High Street; From junction with Gaol Lane southerly to the junctions with Paul Street and Charlton Road. A361 Paul Street; B3136 Rectory Road; Regal Road; Ridge Lane; A371 Cannards Grave Road; A371 Townsend; A37 Whitstone Road; Kingsland Road. From the junction with Compton Road easterly to the junction with Cannards Grave Road. From the junction with High Street Roundabout southerly, then easterly for a distance of 285 metres. From the junction with A361 Charlton Road southerly to Cannards Grave Roundabout.

  • 16 Nov 19:30 - 16 Nov 24:00 - A371 Commercial Road; Pike Hill and Wells Road. From the junction with Rectory Road (Commercial Road Roundabout) northerly, then westerly to the junction of B3139 at Dulcote.


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